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Reconnect with your business
Get back in touch with the people that really matter. Engage your work force, study trends and increase customer satisfaction. Our platform will give your business the tools to help.


My Doorman helps businesses engage with and understand their clients, prospects and staff in a quick and simple way. It has powerful tools built for instant feedback, with the aim to increase client and staff satisfaction.

Quick & Simple

My Doorman gives your clients several ways to give feedback, all from their own mobile phone. Some of these methods are wirless, QR codes and text messages.

Sooner Than Later

Feedback is good, instant feedback is far greater! My Doorman tools allow for instant notifications of disgruntled clients, giving you the ability to resolve an issue before it escaltes.

No Two The Same

Everyone is unique and responds in their own way. Because of this, My Doorman has several forms of asking questions and retrieving information to best suit outcome required.

Open Floor Results

Open up the floor and give your staff access to client feedback. Giving them the ability for self evaluation. Let them see how they are really performing in the eyes of your clients.


Getting the feedback from our customers is great! We can customise questions as needed for each product! It's helped us out at Coco Cleo!



Thank you to the team at My Doorman! We can now connect with our clients much faster and in a direct way! The features and 'outside the box' thinking of your team has really helped us! Thanks again, Dennis!

General Manager


Thanks guys! Our positive reviews have gone up and we have learnt more about our staff! Also, thank you for the personal touch, the smaller things really go the extra mile! They don't go unnoticed.

Marketing Manager

Just Sports

The team took their time to listen to our business feedback needs. My Doorman is proving to be an invaluable tool for our business. Highly recommended.

Store Manager


Get the information you need with our simple, yet informative analytical tools. See where your clients are coming, when they are responding and find out who they are. Setup a variety of question types to suit your needs. Export your results anytime and identify trends in your business.

Data Capture

Choose to capture your clients details, or not, the choice is yours. Setting up a competition perhaps? We will integrate it for you and help capture entry details. You can access and export this information for your future marketing platforms.


Like most things in life, timing is of the essence! Getting the feedback or information is step one. Step two is knowing what to do with it. Receive warnings and notifications from responses instantly. Respond within seconds to unsatisfied clients, resolving issues before they escalate!

Custom tools

One size doesn't fit all!
We will tailor question types and layouts to your needs and what we believe will result in the most submissions. We have tools built in such as; smart redirect pages, submission limits, image choices, question branching and more, all in the effort to increase your clients experience.

Smart & Easy Access

Using the Smart Doorman tap & scan feature, connecting with your client has never been easier! We use near field technology "NFC" & quick response "QR" codes. Clients use their own phone to tap on the smart doorman or scan with their camera. No need to download any any app's! Keep it simple for them!

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